Local politicians to advocate for Coney Island ferry service at City Hall

An NYC Ferry cruises past Coney Island on its way to the Rockaways. Photo by Matt Tracy/Coney Island News

Local politicians will hold a press conference at City Hall on Tuesday to advocate for ferry service to Coney Island.

Council Members Mark Treyger & Alan Maisel, Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, State Senators Diane J. Savino & Roxanne Persaud, and Assemblymember Pamela Harris will be in attendance.

Slated to begin at 1 p.m., the event will also include those representing Canarsie as they make their own respective push for ferry service. Treyger announced the rally in a Facebook post on Friday.

“Our neighborhood needs more public transportation options, particularly as our city experiences a transportation crisis fueled by delays, malfunctions, and service disruptions,” he said. “The ferry service is expanding to more and more neighborhoods, and I know many in our community believe that Coney Island should be next.”

Although no Coney Island stops are in the works at this point in time, Coney Island News reported last month that the city is leaving the door open to the possibility in the future.

“If ridership demand is high and service is successful, then we may be able to consider other opportunities for expansion to more communities, including Coney Island.” Stephanie Baez of NYCEDC told us.

A Facebook group called “Coney Islanders 4 Ferry” has also prodded the city to move forward with a ferry stop in Coney Island. In a Change.org petition directed to Mayor de Blasio and Andrew Genn of the NYCEDC, Peter Ioannou highlighted the reasons why ferry service would be beneficial for locals and tourists alike. Ahead of Tuesday’s scheduled press conference, Ioannou made it clear that he wants some progress to be made — and soon.

“The NYCEDC must be held responsible for their botched 2012 Coney Island Ferry feasibility study,” Ioannou told Coney Island News. “The days of them issuing ‘no comment’ in regards to a Coney Island ferry is over.”

Currently, the NYC Ferry service serves the East River, Lower East Side, Rockaway, Soundview, and South Brooklyn (only as far south as Bay Ride); a stop in Astoria is being added this month.

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  1. Before there should be a ferry in CI , the electeds should put as much effort into trying to get Coney Island Creek declared a Super Fund site and clean up the creek.
    It is a cesspool filled with contaminants ,but they are failing to push for that designation.
    Unacceptable for the community who fish , boat , kayak, and yes swim in the Creek.
    They should have had a rally at City Hall for that issue.

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