Loud construction work heats up at ‘Ocean Dreams’ complex [VIDEO]

The site of "Ocean Dreams" (pictured above) will be home to the future Coney Island Trolley, which will travel along Surf Ave. to the train station. Photo by Matt Tracy/Coney Island News

Local residents already listed numerous reasons why they’re not in favor of the multiple-building “Ocean Dreams” complex on Surf Ave., and now a deafening, repetitive pounding noise reverberates through the area during the day as construction work heats up at the site.

According to the Department of Buildings, a Partial Job permit was issued on August 23 for the mixed-use complex at 3514 Surf Ave., between 35th and 36th St. This comes after the city initially rejected the Red Apple Group’s application to construct the building earlier in the year.

Photo by Matt Tracy/Coney Island News

“Ocean Dreams” drew criticism from residents at a community board meeting at Coney Island Hospital in June because the apartments are not slated to have any affordable units; there were no immediate plans to provide jobs for locals during the building process; and locals are worried about traffic congestion issues.

The complex — which is owned by John Catsimatidis — sits near the oceanside on a site where poor soil conditions brought upon by Sandy have forced the developers to spend “large” amounts of money on engineers to improve the foundation. “Ocean Dreams” was approved by the City Council in 2011 and had the support of then-Councilmember Dominic M. Recchia, Jr. and Community Board 13.

Now, as constructions begins, residents at nearby O’Dwyer Gardens and other apartment buildings are forced to endure the noise throughout the day. One woman who was walking along the boardwalk near the complex on Thursday said she’s fed up with it.

“It annoys me because the ground shakes and it’s loud,” she said, pointing to her ears. “I know it’s how construction goes, but it’s annoying.”

At the community board meeting in June, developers left a number of open items, from future construction plans to the issue of whether or not they’d provide jobs for locals.

Coney Island News reached out to Red Apple Group twice this week to seek updates on the complex, but we received no response.

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  1. First of all look at all of these sites that are being built in Coney Island when you ask about who can apply to live there nobody has an answer including all of the people that are suppose to represent us this is extremely upsetting as this is just another pot to take away from our neighborhood by out pricing the people that call this home, not only is this construction disrespectful to the residents it’s out right wrong. This article serves as what because who has the answers broken promises and these politicians have stood by and allowed this to happen-once again only coming forward during election time it’s the same old sad story in Coney Island

  2. Although I personally do not like the layout of this project (Parking garage against the boardwalk, would be best to put commercial there instead of on Surf Av), this is good for Coney Island.

    A developer purchased land OUTSIDE the amusement district that has been empty and abandoned for decades. Cats, is pioneering the long forgotten western park of Coney Island. Why all the uproar? The population of Coney Island does not have a diverse income and Mermaid ave reflects this notion. Businesses are struggling along Mermaid ave and brining more people to the neighborhood whom are a bit more affluent will spur new businesses to open. New business that will open as a result are business we need and would actually enjoy. Aside from a few great long standing businesses, Mermaid ave is full of corner stores, liquor stores and fried food joints, this will change. Affluent residential projects and public housing can coexist, this has been proved time and time again. The noise is short term. A greater Coney Island is long term. We win.

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