NYPD officers reportedly charged with first-degree rape

A police van is parked near Coney Island's 60th Precinct. Photo by Matt Tracy/Coney Island News

A pair of NYPD officers accused of raping an 18-year-old woman in a Coney Island parking lot have been charged with first-degree rape, according to the New York Post.

Eddie Martins and Richard Hall, who both served as narcotics detectives in southern Brooklyn, are facing up to 25 years behind bars if convicted. They are expected to turn themselves in next week, and have been suspended in the meantime.

The alleged victim said cops drove her to a Coney Island Chipotle on Sept. 15 and forced her to perform sexual acts on them, and one of the detectives is said to have raped her. The woman went to a hospital following the alleged incident and a rape kit is said to have shown signs of sexual assault, according to reports.

“Assuming that the media report is true, then this validates everything she has been saying,” the alleged victim’s attorney, Michael David, told Coney Island News on Friday. “This validates that she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and raped and thrown onto the street.”

The alleged victim reportedly testified in front of the grand jury this week and said she was raped against her will.

The charges culminated a month-long turn of events stemming from the incident. On Oct. 9, David told Coney Island News that the Brooklyn District Attorney assured his client of a full investigation, but the local community grew increasingly frustrated as the officers continued to walk free. By mid October, protests emerged on the streets of Coney Island as people chanted “No more police state! No more rape!”

Most recently, Councilmember Mark Treyger responded to the incident by introducing common-sense legislation that would ban cops from having sex with those in police custody. 

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