Election Roundup: Guide to local City Council races in Coney Island

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City Council candidates in District 47 and 48 are making their final push before the general election on Tuesday, Nov. 7. Here’s the latest you need to know about the City Council election races on the ballot in Coney Island.

1. City Council (47th District – Coney Island, Sea Gate, Bensonhurst, Gravesend)

This race is on your ballot if you live west of W. 12 St. 

Councilmember Mark Treyger is vying for another term in the district after sailing to a landslide victory in 2013, wiping out his Republican opponent Andrew Sullivan with 71.2 percent of the vote. Republican challenger Ray Denaro is hoping to unseat the popular Democrat.

Campaign posters favoring Treyger are plastered on numerous businesses and storefronts around Coney Island, significantly outweighing those favoring Denaro. Treyger has earned far more endorsements than his opponent and, notably, is much further ahead in spending ($156,429 vs. $6,725) as of Thursday.

Denaro has touted a number of his conservative stances during his campaign: he supports the building of a border wall, strongly opposes Planned Parenthood, and seeks increased police presence. He also has toured an MTA station under construction and vowed to work to improve public transportation, voiced his opposition to an incoming homeless shelter on Neptune Ave., and repeatedly praised Christopher Columbus amid a debate over the removal of a Columbus statue in Manhattan.

But Denaro has continued to attack Treyger and city leadership on social media — a running theme in his campaign. He has repeatedly railed against his opponent for “photo ops” despite posting several photos of his own with politicians and business owners. In reference to the incoming homeless shelter on Neptune Ave., Denaro said current City Councilmember (Treyger) has allowed Mayor de Blasio to “destroy our neighborhood” and “As long as he is our Councilman Bill De Blasio will have free reign in our district.”

Treyger has largely ignored his opponent, instead focusing on new legislation to address issues like bullying and storm resiliency. He proposed key legislation in response to a disturbing case of police misconduct in Coney Island involving NYPD detectives who have now been charged with rape, kidnapping, and other charges. 

Treyger has also attended a wide variety of community events, reached out to constituents, worked to address trash issues and dumping in Coney Island Creek, and pushed the Board of Elections to ramp up translator services for Russian and Haitian Creole-speaking voters.


On his Facebook page, Denaro announced he was endorsed by the Law Enforcement Officers Security Union; City Council candidates Marvin Jeffcoat and Liam McCabe; and State Sen. Martin Golden. Previously, he announced he was endorsed by 51st Assembly District Leader Avery Pereira.

Treyger has already piled up countless endorsements from local community leaders and unions. Among key union endorsements include the United Federation of Teachers, TWU Local 100, the Detectives’ Endowment Association, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association. This week, Treyger announced he was endorsed by a number of elected officials:

  • U.S. Representative Hakeem Jeffries
  • U.S. Representative Grace Meng
  • U.S. Representative Jerrold Nadler
  • New York City Comptroller Scott Stringer
  • New York City Public Advocate Tish James
  • Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams
  • State Senator Diane J. Savino
  • Assemblymember William Colton
  • Assemblymember Pamela Harris
  • 45th Assembly District Leader Ari Kagan
  • 45th Assembly District Leader Margarita Kagan
  • 47th Assembly District Leader Nancy Tong
  • 47th Assembly District Leader Charles Ragusa
  • 46th Assembly District Leader Dilia Schack
  • Former New York City Comproller John Liu

Who’s funding them?

Denaro’s Top 10 Contributors, according to the NYC Campaign Finance Board

  • Lauren Leone (homemaker) — $1,000
  • Jerry D’Onofrio III (Pm, D’Onofrio General Contractors) — $500
  • John D’Onofrio (CEO, D’Onofrio Corp) — $500
  • Steven Markowitz (Broker, Samson funding) — $500
  • John Mauro (Physician, North Shore Eye Care) — $500
  • Umar Mehmood (PM, Sajid Contracting Corp) — $500
  • Laura Wagner (Retired) — $500
  • Harry D’onofrio (Self-Employed) — $350
  • Angela Barbera (Contractor, Diego Construction) — $250
  • Anthony A Pastorelli (Funeral Director) — $250

Treyger’s Top 10 Contributors, according to the NYC Campaign Finance Board

  • 1199 SEUI – NYS PAC — $2,750
  • Corey 2017 — $2,750
  • Edward Dana (President, Just Wireless) — $2,750
  • Sari Dana (Fitness Consultant) — $2,750
  • Local 6 Committee On Political $2,750
  • Mark Levine 2017 — $2,750
  • Mason Tenders District Council $2,750
  • New York Hotel Trades Council $2,750
  • Savino For New York — $2,750
  • Harry Adjmi (President, One Step Up LTD) — $2,500

Campaign Finance Overview (Updated Sat., Nov 4)


  • Private Funds: $10, 922
  • Public Funds: $40,722
  • Spending: $6,725
  • Estimated Balance: $44, 919


  • Private Funds: $110,657
  • Public Funds: $99,850
  • Spending: $156,429
  • Estimated Balance: $54,078

2. City Council (48th District – Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, Manhattan Beach, Brighton Beach, Brightwater Towers, Trump Village, and Luna Park)

This race is on your ballot if you live east of W. 12 St. 

Democratic incumbent Chaim Deutsch is seeking re-election after winning a rather close race in 2013 when he defeated Republican David Storobin by fewer than 3,000 votes. Deutsch cruised to a landslide victory in the Democratic primary race earlier this year, beating Marat Filler 3759 to 870.

Republican challenger Steve Saperstein, who has worked in Special Education, is hoping some of the more conservative neighborhoods in the district can help propel him to the City Council.

Deutsch has been adamant about highlighting his strong connections to law enforcement throughout his campaign. He has sent out numerous mailings to constituents with an overwhelming focus on the fact that he has been endorsed by major police unions. The Lieutenants’ Benevolent Association, Sergeants’ Benevolent Association, Detectives’ Endowment Association, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, and Captains’ Endowment Association have all thrown their support behind Deutsch.

Deutsch has also put an emphasis on his work towards the senior population. In recent months, Deutsch helped champion legislation that expanded the income limit for tax relief for disabled and senior homeowners and renters.

Saperstein has been endorsed by the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association and, like Deutsch, has also vowed to support local seniors in an area with one of the most significant senior populations in the city. Saperstein posted photos on Facebook of his visit to Temple Beth El Manhattan Beach Adult Day Care and said, “When elected to City Council, I will fight for our seniors!” Amid concerns from Saperstein over the handling of homeless issues, Deutsch has gone to community board meetings to re-assert his dedication towards addressing homelessness in his district.

Tensions between the two candidates recently boiled over when Deutsch took to Facebook to respond to what he felt was a “falsehood.”

Who’s funding them? 

Saperstein’s Top 10 Contributors, according to the NYC Campaign Finance Board

  • Jessica Muss (Homemaker) — $2,750
  • Mark Ramer (Executive, IAB Management) — $2,750
  • Sergey Rybak (President, Self-Employed) — $2,750
  • Benjamin Saperstein (Student) — $2,750
  • Eytan Saperstein (Real Estate Executive, Ramer & Saperstein RE Investments) — $2,750
  • Lori Saperstein (Homemaker), $2,750
  • Michael Saperstein (Executive, IAB Management WC) — $2,750
  • Matin Turam (Caterer, Anatolian Gyro) — $1,500
  • Andrew Cavitolo (CEO, Riviera Caterers) — $1,000
  • Pat Cavitolo (CFO, Riviera Caterers) — $1,000

Deutsch’s Top 10 Contributors, according to the NYC Campaign Finance Board

  • Renee Adelsberg (Homemaker) — $2,750
  • Steven Adelsberg (CPA, S. Adelsberg & Co.) — $2,750
  • Arie Aker (Self-Employed, Ari’s Cleaning) — $2,750
  • Isaac Broyn (Real Estate Developer, B+B Global) — $2,750
  • Albert Hasson (Investments, Amtrust) — $2,750
  • Miriam Kirzner (Homemaker) — $2,750
  • Local 6 Comm. on Political Ed.  — $2,750
  • New York Hotel Trades Council — $2,750
  • Danielle M. Spring (Consultant, Chalkdust Consulting LLC) — $2,750
  • Savino For New York — $2,700

Campaign Finance Overview (Updated Sat., Nov 4)


  • Private Funds: $107,998
  • Public Funds: $123,950
  • Spending: $156,610
  • Estimated Balance $75,338


  • Private Funds: 49,355
  • Public Funds: 100,100
  • Spending: 84,254
  • Estimated Balance: 65,201


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