Assemblymember Pamela Harris to stand trial in July

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Assemblymember Pamela Harris will go on trial in July after pleading not guilty last week to defrauding government agencies and obstructing justice, among other charges.

Federal Judge Jack Weinstein said on Tuesday that Harris will stand trial on July 23 and prosecutors believe it will last about two weeks, according to NY1.

Public court documents indicate Harris was scheduled to appear before Judge Weinstein at 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday as part of a Criminal Cause for Status Conference in “USA v. Harris.” The assemblymember remains listed “On Bond,” as reported last week following her arrest. 

Harris is facing decades in prison on a wide range of charges including wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud, bankruptcy fraud, and making false statements.

Before and after the time she became an assemblymember, Harris allegedly scammed City Council out of funds that were supposed to go to the Coney Island Generation Gap. She is also accused of defrauding FEMA out of $25,000 as part of a scheme that allegedly included lying about being forced from her home due to Hurricane Sandy.

The indictment further alleges Harris directed witnesses to lie to federal authorities once she realized she was under investigation.

Harris has yet to resign from her position as assemblymember and has not announced any plans to do so.

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  1. So let me ask you this I almost am 100% sure that she isn’t the only one that is involved in this so called scheme and how do you know she wasn’t displaced from her home we are still dealing with Sandy in Coney Island-listen what happened to all of the other ppl responsible for allowing al of these so-called private companies to come here and build and not offer anything to the local residents-what happened to fixing NYCHA-what happened to the millions of dollars that has yet to hit this area-so this amount of money is nothing compared to the things that is going on in Coney Island, so lets let the law run its course how about that because in my opinion everybody stood with her and now they are against her if her hands are dirty than their are fithy and muddy

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