Gender equality: wage inequalities persist in France

Wage inequalities are not decreasing in France. Journalist David Boéri, live on the 12/13 set of France 3, Friday November 4, takes stock of the situation.
Since 9:10 a.m. on Friday, November 4, the women have been working for free until the end of the year. An inequality that is struggling to be repaired. “To say that you have been working for free since this morning is a very symbolic translation of the average salary gap between men and women. According to the latest official statistics, this gap is 15.8%”, explains the journalist David Boéri, live on the 12/13 set of France 3.

France lagging behind the European average
Applied to the whole year, this difference corresponds to the date of 4 November. But if this gap is closing, it is still doing so too slowly. “Compared to last year, it has actually fallen by 24 hours, but France remains behind the European average which is 13%. We are talking here about the hourly rate”, continues David Boéri, who adds: “If we look at the monthly wages received, the gap between men and women is even greater. It rises to 28.5% in France, largely because the most feminized professions are often the least well paid.” The other explanation is that women work relatively less. “It’s linked to part-time work, which is more common among women,” says David Boéri. Part-time work which is most often imposed or suffered by women.