Nico Ali Walsh used to wear a jacket to cover the tattoo on his forearm to avoid drawing attention to it.

It’s not a controversial tattoo. It is just a face of boxing legend Muhammad Ali. But questions arose when people asked about his connection to the great man — he is his grandson. Not only did his association with Ali bring attention, but as an aspiring boxer, being the grandson of one of the greatest to ever step into the ring brought pressure and expectations.

However, Walsh didn’t let that pressure get to him as he won his professional debut, beating Jordan Weeks with a first-round stoppage at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa, Oklahoma, in August. And ahead of his second bout on Saturday, October 23 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Walsh told CNN that he is finally starting to embrace the pressure that has been there his “whole life” being related to Ali. “I’ve always felt the need to be on my best behavior. And it’s really annoying at times but that’s how it’s been,” the 21-year-old told CNN.

“And I’ve just recently started to embrace the name because I’ve been hiding from it for so long … and I was just running from the name so much. But I cannot run from it, especially in the sport I’m in now. So I’ve really been trying to embrace it. And so I would say it’s more pride now and I’m blessed that that’s the way it’s turned out because it hasn’t always been that way.” But in his debut victory, Walsh says he’s had fans of his iconic grandfather reaching out to him saying he’d “brought him back to life.” “It’s kind of been a funny thing between me, SugarHill (Steward, his trainer) and my strength and conditioning coach, they’ve been calling me ‘The Ghost’ because I brought him back. It’s just really humbling and it’s something that I’m very happy to do.”