Tilt towards Donald Trump increased but 66% of Indian Americans with Joe Biden: survey

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Data from the Indiaspora and AAPI released a Tax Sharing Survey Report which indicates that 66% of Native American bidders, while 28% of Trumps, as well as the dice of Native American voters are able to return to either side of Chidan and Rajghatta, Washington.
The campaign for the US presidential election is at its peak. Meanwhile, there is a competition between the party’s Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden to woo Indo-American voters. Now, according to a research report, two (two-thirds) of every three Indians living in the United States are willing to vote for Biden.

American Indians in a decisive position
This voter survey also revealed how Americans of Indian descent are able to transform the end result of this year’s US presidential election. In a joint report released with AAPI data, the Indiaspora investigative agency said 66% of Indians support American Biden while 28% support Trump.

This report also indicates that Florida (87,000 American Indian voters), Pennsylvania (61,000), Georgia (57,000), Michigan (45,000) and North Carolina (36,000) as well as possibly Texas (1,60,000). States include places where Pan Indo-American can switch to someone. Trump won by 10,000 votes in Michigan, while the heavily contested states won by just two votes region by region.

The role of Native Americans will increase in this election
Dr Karthik Ramakrishnan, Founder of AAPI Data and Professor of Public Policy and Political Science at UC Riverside, said: Historic appointment of “ Kamala Harris ” for the post of vice president on the one hand and the President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the other hand due to the very popular joint rally. A large number of Indo-American voters will vote in this time’s election. For this reason, they will have a big role in the outcome of the elections.

There are currently approximately 4.5 million Indian Americans in the United States. Of this number, 18 American Indian lakh are eligible to vote there. The survey shows that Americans of Indian origin are increasingly interested and aware of American politics. Since their numbers are good in states where there are thorns in presidential elections, the importance of Native Americans among American minority groups is increasing.

His growing questioning in the US election can be measured by the fact that 56% of Indian Americans polled said the Democratic Party contacted him in that election, while 48% said the Republican Party had courted him. . has tried. It should be noted that only 31% of American Indians said they were approached by political parties in the 2016 US presidential election, this percentage of whites and blacks was 44 and 42 respectively.

Who is in advance to woo the Native Americans?
However, in 2016, 28% of Native Americans would be in favor of Trump, up from 16% in 2016. In the last election, 46% of Indo-American voters declared themselves Democrats, 35% independent or others, 19% Republicans. In this survey, 54% of Native Americans describe themselves as Democrats, 16% as Republicans and 24% as independents or independent voters.